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Welcome to Magpai!
Thank you so much for joining and showing interest in Magpai! The initial response has been incredible...
There will be bugs... But we'll be quick to fix and patch anything that comes up.
As a small thank you, please use BETAPAI20 at purchase time to get 20% off.
Things to know!
  • All uploads and workflow temporary files are public (Private storage, and local temp files will be added soon)
  • You agree to use AI nodes at your own risk. Some models have non-commercial restrictions. Where possible we label this, but for now, this is up to you to follow.
  • Our terms & conditions are pretty detailed, but do not use Magpai, or our AI providers to produce any illegal, or pornographic content.
  • Remember to have fun!
Helpful links!
We are working to balance costs of credits as AI image and video models improve and evolve. We will be proactive where possible.
Most importantly to us, is making something that is useful and fills an important gap in content creation workflows of all shapes and sizes.
Magpai is not an AI startup, but we do have a strong focus on AI content creation tools. We are commited to creating a platform, and contributing to a society that values and respects artists and artworks. We believe Magpai can help to bridge some current gaps of control and artistic intent when using AI, but join with the concern of many in the community of the perils and negatives of AI content creation. This is something we will continue to discuss and work through with the broader community.
At it's core, Magpai is a content creation platform. We have a strict policy against creating explicit or illegal content, and will take steps to remove and restrict users who create, share, or engage in content of this nature. For a full list see our Terms & Conditions.
If you have any issues, requests, or concerns, please reach out on Discord or directly at
- Ben Skinner (Magpai Founder)
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